About us

§Welcome to Seamaster Shipping Services and Trading Co., Ltd. 
§Established in early 2015, with the decades of experience staff, good English-speaking skill, Versatility, diligence, Innovation & Capabilities, Seamaster is committed to delivering a range of quality-assured, highly professional shipping & trading  services to all international and domestic clients across all ports and terminals along Vietnam’s 3,000-kilometer coastline.
§Seamaster offers a wide range of ship and port agency and trading services at all of Vietnam’s ports and terminals. Our head office is located in Vungtau city but we will have our staffs to attend all required services in Vietnam
§Together with port agency service, Seamaster is one of strongest players in providing husbandry services such as Cash To Master, spare parts delivery, crew change, visa facilities.
§We provide expert, practical and cost effective solutions and consultancy advice to our clients to protect their interests.
§Our in-depth knowledge of local market enables us to assist customers in promoting their business in Vietnam – by providing shipping reports especially statistics of agriculture vessels & fertilizer vessels calling in Vietnam and more...
§Seamaster is often involved in strategic discussion in maritime matters before commencing operational activity. Hence we can provide customers with valuable information to alert them any issue and help them reduce any operational or commercial risks.
§We cultivate close relations with the various authorities and suppliers in Vietnam. This enable us to reduce cost and operational time for our customers – by minimizing berthing times, meeting delivery schedule and ensuring efficient communication.
§We work to well-defined QMS and HSSE procedures ensuring customers a consistently high level of service and helping to eliminate unexpected operating and financial damages.
§Through KPIs we benchmark response times to enquiries, estimates, D/A turnaround times, customer feedback and other information requested by clients, enabling them to have timely,  accurate decisions to their own operations.
§First class port agents
§Quick, accurate, detailed PDA’s
§Smooth, safe turnaround
§Quick dispatch of cargo documents/DA’s
§Prompt communication
§HSSE focus
§Leading edge technology