PTSC Nghi Son

Location: 19 18 24.7N - 105 49 0.26E Diameter: 300M


Min. Depth below chart datum: 10.60m Quality of Bottom: Sand & mud

Cam Ranh

Pilot Station - Port Entry Instruction: 11o48' 30”N - 109o 12’30” E (First to: 11.46’52”N;109.31’48”E , then to 11.46’52”N;109.12’30”E, and then to P/stn)

Cai Lan

Pilot station: L' Orange Island, Lat. 20o43' 4''N, Long. 107o10' 3''E Pilot boards about 0.5NM at the South of L'Orange Island, VHF contact CH.16 Pilotage: Distance from Pilot station to the port: 21 miles

Hai Phong

Pilot station position: 20 Deg 40N; 106 Deg 51E Ports: Dinh Vu, Thuong Ly, Chua Ve, Doan Xa

Da Nang

Pilot station position:10 Deg 17.04”3 N, 107 Deg 05.17” E Ports: Go Dau, Phumy ports, Caimep ports, Vietsovpetro, PTSC.

Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon
  Quynhon Remarks
1/ Berth No.1A, No.1B; No.1C, No.2, No.3 , No.4; Berth TCQN  
Lengh No.1A + 1B + 1C: 350m/ No.2: 174m/ No.3: 174m/ No.4: 170m/ No.TCQN: 200m  
Depth  -7.8/7.8/7.8/8.9/8.9/11.80/12.50  
Distance from P/S 05 mile  
Max DWT vsls acceptable 50000  
Max draft  8.5 m  
Yard area for general cargo 153.000 m2  
Container yard No.1 28,000m3  
Container yard No.2 20,000m2  
Warehouse area 1500 m2  
CFS area 500m2  
RF plugs/Voltage No  
2/ Facility    
Mobile cranes 100Mt 2 units  
cranes from 20-50mts 10units  
cranes from 7-16mts 5 units  
Floating crane/SWL 0  
Reachstackers/SWL 07 units  
Computer weight station rated load 80mts 03 station  
Folklifter/SWL 14 units  
excavatator, bulldozers 11 units  
Truck/Trailer/Chassis 25/25/25  
tugboats 06 unts HP800, HP980, HP 1020
Other (if any)   HP 1000, HP 2,200 and HP 4200
1/ Port position:    
Lacation: 13,46'N-109,14'E    
Pilot station: 13,44'3N-109,15'0E    
2/ Tide regime: Irregular semi-diurnal    
Max tide:2.20m, Min tide:0.5m